Other buildings designed by Rix Reinecke?

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Other buildings designed by Rix Reinecke?

Postby Frank Farmer » Mon May 12, 2008 6:52 am

Rix Reinecke is credited with designing the iconic "Ocean Towers" apartment building in Vancouver BC, during the mid-to-late 1950s. He was part of architectural firm Chow, Nelson and Reinecke.

Ocean Towers is a 19-storey landmark building in Vancouver's West End, a wide slab of a building overlooking English Bay near the Sylvia Hotel. It's unique -- truly one of a kind -- in a distinctive post-modern design.

Can anyone tell me what other buildings Rix Reinecke has designed?____ I haven't found anything on the internet with his name, nor any references at Vancouver Public Library, and Vancouver Archives.

Photos of this building can be seen on this website...


Thanks for any assistance.

Frank Farmer
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Re: Other buildings designed by Rix Reinecke?

Postby a reinecke » Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:11 pm

I was googling my father's name, Rix Reinecke, when I came upon your inquiry. He designed the Kingsway Motor Hotel on 3484 Kingsway. I have a photo of a housing project called the Finnish Canadian Rest Home on Harrison Drive that he designed. Are either of these still standing? My favorite project of his was The Villas ( a hotel or apartment complex?) Why, because we were given permission to use the swimming pool there after it was completed.
In 1963 my parents moved to Los Angeles. He always was a devoted husband and kind father, not given to complaining, so it was not until I was much older that I saw how hard the early years down here must have been, given his prior success. In 1973 he began to receive commissions to design tilt-up commercial buildings in San Diego. We moved to San Diego and he was very productive until he retired. He died a few years ago. I can often recognize his buildings by a 10 inch band of color that goes around the building's perimeter at a height of about 14ft. It became his trademark, but was frequently copied, so I am sometimes fooled. He also did work in Irvine, California.
A picture of the Ocean Towers always hung prominently in my father's office. My mother would collect any photos of Vancouver that included it's image and, being his biggest cheerleader, shoved each addition before our eyes announcing; "Look, your father designed this building!" We three girls all probably yawned in response and went on our way. It was nice to read that his work might now has a wider, more receptive audience! Angelina Reinecke
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Re: Other buildings designed by Rix Reinecke?

Postby Richard Tak » Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:08 pm

2329 Lawson Avenue, West Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Dundarave, walk to the beach, shops, schools, rec centre, & library. This solid contemporary home (mostly original) has a great indoor/outdoor connection
and some view. The lot is 69.6 X 132 ft, it has a gentle slope but is mostly level. The home, 2 levels, 3 (possibly 4) bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2000 sf, with a double carport.

Rix Reinecke, Architect for 2329 Lawson Avenue (1960)

Richard Tak
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Richard Tak
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