Vancouver for the summer, what to see?

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Vancouver for the summer, what to see?

Postby Briain » Thu May 10, 2007 1:54 am

Hi there, I'm a 1st year Architecture student in UL in Ireland, and will be travelling to Vancouver for the summer to work/play. I feel (and have been told countless times by my lecturers) that travel is an integral part of the education of an Architect, so with that in mind I really want to go and see what Vancouver has to offer. Projects that are Architecturally significant, but also to see the Canadian vernacular...if such a thing exists. Would you be able to point out a few sites of interest that I should see, or point me in the direction of websites, books etc. that document what is happening/has been important in the past in Vancouver and it's environs?

My knowledge of Architecture in Canada is as of yet very bare, the only thing that springs to mind is something I read on apartment blocks designes specifically for families, an alternative to sprawling suburban sites which gives families what they want/need but in an urban context. This relates to Ireland and the huge problems facing us with urban sprawl, and how we have to solve the problem. I want to get around Vancouver and see as many things as I can, while I can.

Can anyone be of help?

Thank you,

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