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grants for traineeships

Postby incompetant » Thu Feb 07, 2002 11:51 am

does anybody know of any grants available to students so that they can work for architecture firms abroad who dont pay thier interns?

I heard of something called leonardo but i know nothing about it.
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Postby macabe » Thu Feb 07, 2002 12:54 pm

yes there is such grants available to students within the Eu. however the problems involved getting them may be a problem. i know that in my college it seemed to be impossible for anyone to organise such grants..

either you need the job before you go to the country or you dont need the job before you go.. i know i am confused too and no i didnt get the grant..i tried both

all students who work in traineeships outside ireland receive this grant, (Leonardo da vinci scholarship/grant can't rem..) but i know of no irish students who have recieved this grant

my advice is contact the eu headquarters as i know that under the single european act 1986 'all students within the EU are able to move from one EU country to another for education and training'.
it really is essential that you would get a grant as it is presumed when you work in another EU country as a student that you receive such a grant and you wil be paid as such ie in Holland you will be paid 600fl as it is assumed that you will also be receiving a grant for the same amt..oh and that's a month by the way!
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Postby brunel » Thu Feb 07, 2002 2:42 pm

I had two friends who went to England, and they got the Leonardo grant... however they gave all the credit to a staff member of the Careers Office at the university (they spoke pretty highly of her so I think she went out of her way to help). They applied for it after they had completed the work. So maybe its worth an email/phone call/visit to the relevant office and talk nicely to them !!
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Postby roskav » Thu Feb 07, 2002 3:35 pm

Various state agencies run the Leonardo programme but the money can only be drawn as part of a specific scheme run by an institution such as a college. You can't apply directly to the fund as an individual.
This is what I came up against several years ago. I'm sure you could do most of the footwork yourselves and get someone in your college to formally submit the proposal. (I think you can avail of this even a year after leaving college but I can't remember at this stage.)
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Postby sal » Wed Mar 27, 2002 7:53 pm

the leonardo programme as far as i understand will supplement your salary as an intern so that you receive 500 euro per month in total
it's true that you cannot apply as an individual
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Postby cajual » Thu Mar 28, 2002 11:52 am

to get the leonardo grant go to whatever department that deals with overseas students\exchanges etc. i think the way it operates is that you are given a set amount of money depending on how long and where you are working. assuming you apply well in advance you will probably get between a third and a half of it before you go and the rest when you get back -and you could be waiting a while. basically, you will need to have your own funds before you go because you can't really depend on the payment of the grant to be punctual. i got this grant a few years ago- about 1000 pounds for 4 or 5 months- most of which i recieved about a year after i got back. the host company is allowed pay you a certain amount if they wish, but it isn't much- although it might cover your rent(or drinking costs, depending on priorities)
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Postby cajual » Thu Mar 28, 2002 11:55 am

also, i think you need to have your job set up before you go but this generally isn't a problem as there are loads of companies willing to take on stageres (students) and pay them f. all
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