Am i studying the right course???????

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Am i studying the right course???????

Postby cam » Fri Nov 09, 2001 12:19 pm

Just looking for a bit of guidance on whether or not i'm studying the right course.
Currently i'm in 2nd year architecture in Bolton St, and I am seriously doubting my suitability to the course, also the fear of dropping out after 4 years and not even getting a piece of paper is always at the back of my mind.
In saying this I did reasonably well in first year getting 60% in my studio work, which would have been better than average for the year, while i managed the subjects quite well.
I would like to hear from someone who has had the same thoughts or fears during their time as a student!
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Postby MG » Fri Nov 09, 2001 12:25 pm

Why do you doubt your suitabilty?
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Postby FIN » Fri Nov 09, 2001 3:35 pm

It is normal to have doubts however architecture is more than a profession. it is your life and if you feel strongly enough then you can over come any doubts. you say you got 60% which was above average , well then you seem to be getting on ok, just do better this year.
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Postby doozer » Mon Nov 12, 2001 7:54 pm

If I were you I would allow your self some time before deciding your unsuitable for the course. Architecture has a way of creeping into your blood without you realising it. I also attend Bolton Street at the moment and it wasn't until a year and a half of studying the subject that it occurred to me that I really loved it. In fact it was only at my parents insistence that I applied at all. The above mentioned college hardly inspires enthusiasm and your lecturers in second year presently are less than impressive but try to bear in mind that architecture is a vocation. Its not what you do its what you are. You either are an architect or not.
However if after you have done a few years and the mania still hasn't kicked in, content yourself with the fact that ,if nothing else, architecture is a very good design degree and many qualified architects end up in the most unusual professions-from politian to artist. It teaches you design appreciation,inititive,judgement, lateral thinking etc,etc-in fact it is one of the few courses available which broadens your field of knowledge rather than specialising into obscurity.

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Postby daz » Sun Dec 16, 2001 1:55 pm

cam, its very hard to see Architecture as "just another course", mainly because we spend so much time at it(in comparison to my Arts degree flatmates!). when studying Architecture it fills your mind, conscious and subconscious- my flatmates generally get pissed. you shouldnt worry too much about it, 60% is a great average. however, the proof of the pudding....... . in college its too easy to give it your all and then feel burnt out, maybe sometimes its better to hold back, get hammered on a thursday(god forbid!) and shock everyone when you get out into the REAL world.
maybe this is nonsense.
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