Do you all have numbered accounts in Zurich?

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Do you all have numbered accounts in Zurich?

Postby Matt » Thu Sep 21, 2000 12:31 am

You dont need to tell me that money is'nt everything but do you come in late for work on Monday morning explaining to the boss,
"Sorry, but I couldn't find the keys to my Porsche!"
How much do y'all get paid or expect to get paid when you start working? I realise it will depend on experience and talent but what would the range be?
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Postby Ronan » Thu Sep 21, 2000 6:45 pm

I graduated from U.C.D. in 1992 and have been working for a medium sized Cork based firm ever since. I started off on £27,500 per annum and am now earning £33,000. You will never make a fortune on an Architect's salary, but if you are talented, I would reccomend starting your own business. It is more stressful but the financial rewards are greater. That's my two cents anyway, good luck Matt!
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Postby Architect Extraordinare » Wed May 30, 2001 12:41 pm

In the current economic climate - job shortages etc.. - the employees are calling the shots, £30k seems average but wont intice any off-shore accounts, I'd recommend the early afternoon appearances, outrageous bonus demands & scantily clad receptionists, any grief from DeBoss - your outa there & he knows it !
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