best school of architecture in the world- 2

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best school of architecture in the world- 2

Postby duncan » Thu Jan 11, 2001 6:17 am

the following are a few posts from a topic i posted during the summer, it was closed down due to childish slagging, this is serious, please dont waste time

dit internets do not have access to archeire due to all this childish stuff, grow up lads.


which one?
what or who makes one?
what about the future?
do you think bolton street, D.I.T. can be in the future?
i think its possible
who knows?
best school of architecture in the world
architecture is about creating, designing, understanding, working with SYSTEMS,
SITE: planet earth, an uneven sphere spinning in space????????????????
DIRECTION: working toward a sustainable and peaceful planet
a school where students love to go because it is exciting, where people are passionate about what they do, a system which leads to more people doing more things so more and more people love living

examples of architectural study
-dead kid lying on streets in delhi
-dancing on the streets of berlin with 1.5 million people
-sarajevo, people blown up, buildings shot to pieces
-discussing peace, god, universe with a tibetan buddhist monk
-people openly shooting up heroin in public parks at noon
-laughing with friends in the sea in county clare
proper communication leads to real understanding which is the only way toward LOVE

can architects communicate?
why bother,
you live, you die
how can you feel most alive?
irish architecure will be exciting this year
standard, quality and direction of architecture in general
i feel that all aspects of life are changing rapidly day by day and that peoples views of what is architecture have changed only a little bit. there are many fine buildings being built and that is a very good thing but i think that there is a lot more to architecture than just making nice buildings.
there are many problems in the world, humans are causing destruction of species and habitats, if we keep going the way we are we will bring an end life as we know it on this beautiful planet, some argue that by then we will be living in space stations and terraformed planets, maybe?
but i think that we have a responsibility, we as people and then as architects, to find out what factors are at play that are leading to this destruction and try to come up with solutions to these problems
some people will argue that that is not architecture, maybe its not for them. but i feel that it definately is and i am willing to pursue and challenge this view, i hope that in doing so others see that we have to look at things differently, an example of this was when i came back into bolton street during "architecture week", there was very little going on and the general feeling amongst students was "this is a load of,,,,"
anyway with that i tried to organize a forum about the quality of our education, there was a fair turn out and im glad to say that students are now thinking discussing and taking action so that things improve.
life is a very complex system, i think it all interconnected and that we have to learn how to create and work with systems, be those political, educational, scientific or the smaller ones like organizing and taking part in a city parade on paddys day.
i feel we have to learn about what factors are making things the way they are today, ie, economics, religion, corrution, ignorance
in the developing world there are milllions of people leaving their farms to come to cities to try to "make it", the result is that there are huge cities sprouting up in asia, and millions unemployed starving and dying in other parts of the world.
i think we have to try to design and build sustainable cities, now that we have the chance, what is a "sustainable city"
we have to create systems so that these are built. how do we do that, learn and act by whatever means. today bono is up shaking hands with the pope, united in trying to bring 3rd world debt to an end for developing countries.
at the end of the day you have to enjoy life, thats the main thing. i feel that learning about whats goin on and acting toward a "sustainable, peaceful and fun planet" is the direction we should take, i believe it leads to the fullest feeling of being alive.
i am going back to college in 2 weeks and im looking foreward to getting things going, i hope you i will get to meet many of you and that you will contribute to things in bolton street and to the world at large
sorry for the length
and i hope you enjoy your lives too
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Jan 11, 2001 10:02 am

I have unbanned DIT... however this is a voluntary effort and I do not get paid for this... if there is any repeat of the sladerous and libellous posts from students in DIT about their lecturers, they will be banned again.
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