Technical Report: Existing Georgian House Facade

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Technical Report: Existing Georgian House Facade

Postby joejoe » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:04 am

Hi Everybody,

I am not looking for anybody to complete the question for me, but imput from you all would be very much apreciated.

As part of an asignment (CIOB - EPA), I have been asked the following question:

"Write a technical report that describes an appropriate method of construction for
the new building taking account of the need to support the existing Georgian
house façade."

The report is likely to focus on three methods: traditonal, Modern (MMC) and mixed (tradtional / modern), breaking down each method into substructure superstructure, roof etc... It needs to then propose the most appropriate method taking into consideration all preformace criteria, such as cost efficienty build time aesthecyics environmental etc....

All information can be seen at here

Refrence material or examples of recent projects you might have knowledge would be great.

Do any of you have any knowledge of an evaluation table that gives weightings to each preformance criteria based on the clients requirements?

Many thanks in advance.
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