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ARCHILD International Congress Architecture and Children

Postby ARCHILD » Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:17 pm

The Organizing Committee for the ARCHILD International Congress Architecture and Children is pleased to announce that the Congress will be held at Ankara during November 18-21, 2009.

The goal of ARCHILD Congress is sharing the theoretical and practical experiences about city and architectural cultural works.

The congress will include oral and poster presentations of the ARCHILD working groups, in plenary format.

A: Children and the City

A1 Children and Architecture
A2 Children and the City
A3 Children and Cultural Heritage
A4 Architecture, City and Children in Educational Program
A5 Children in the National Architecture Polices
A6 Children in the Public Realm
A7 Child Friendly City
A8 Children's Geographies

B: Children and Nature

C: Children and Places

C1 Children's and Educational Venues
C2 Children in Nursery and Kindergarten
C3 Children and Hospital Units
C4 Children and Cultural Center
C5 Museum for Children
C6 Parks for Children
C7 Furniture for Children's Places
C8 Materials for Children's Places
C9 Color for Children's Places
C10 Child Games
C11 Game Units in Children's Park
C12 Urban and Architecture in Children's Toys
C13 Children and Virtual Places (games, chat rooms, etc)

D: Children's Participation

D1 Children's Rights
D2 Children's Organizations
D3 Methods for Participatory Planning and Design for Children and Youth

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