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Postby Cliffy » Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:46 pm


I’m new here, and I hope I could get some advice from you at this great website. I’m currently in my final year of a diploma in Architecture at Singapore Polytechnic, and it’s about time I start searching for universities overseas to further my studies.

I have two questions, the first being what is the programme I should be looking for? B Arch or M Arch? What is the difference between the two? My aim is to become a registered architect, and as of now, I will eventually obtain a Diploma in Architecture come 2008.

The second is what are the schools that I can go to? I’m keener to know more about European schools outside of the UK that are in taught in English. (I don’t mind learning a new language, but English would be ideal) I already know somewhat about the UK system, so we can leave that out here.

Any suggestions of which are good? (I know that “good” is a very ambiguous word, but I’m not sure how else it can be phrased)

Currently I have this basic list of schools(non exhaustive), though I’m not sure which I can even gain entry to given my current qualifications. I’m looking for a school that has a programme that can lead me from B Arch to M Arch from my Diploma. I don’t quite understand some of their websites, and are lost. Could you help please?:)

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Institut d'arquitectura avançada de Catalunya
Domus Academy
TU Delft
Berlage Institute
ETH, Zurich
Architectural Association School of Architecture
Edinburgh School of Architecture

Thanks in advance!
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