Architecture & Comics: a live online dissertation project

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Architecture & Comics: a live online dissertation project

Postby jamesinbelfast » Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:06 pm

Hi everyone...

I'm cross posting this message with a similar one on a comics forum, because it would be interesting to get your feedback on a topic which so far has been more to do with comics than architecture.

I've recently launched a blog which you might be interested to bookmark and come back to from time to time. As part of my Masters degree in architecture at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture in the UK, I'm preparing a dissertation that will be looking the disparity between the way that architects draw and present their buildings, and the way that comic book artists draw their stories.

Sounds a bit wierd? Maybe. But look at it this way: architectural drawings and photographs are notoriously static and timeless, using professional photographers or artists to present the building as it existed for the brief moment between being finished and being occupied. There is rarely any admission that the building will be allowed to change over time, or evolve to suit the people who use it. A comic or graphic novel, however, is utterly dependant on a narrative, and that implies a passage of time. It also requires user interaction. As Chris Ware (who will be one of the principal artists I'm studying) has said:

[INDENT]“What you do with comics, essentially, is take pieces of experience and freeze them in time ... The moments are inert, lying there on the page in the same way that sheet music lies on the printed page. In music you breathe life into the composition by playing it. In comics you make the strip come alive by reading it, by experiencing it beat by beat as you would playing music…”

from Daniel Raeburn's book 'Chris Ware (Monographics)'
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004, p. 25[/INDENT]

I'm doing a lot of reading around in order to define the exact title and direction of the dissertation. As with any major piece of work for academic submission, I'm keeping notes and a personal log of the work I'm doing. And since I'm currently studying pin Europe away from my home university, I'm blogging this to make it easier to consult with tutors back home.

The blog is live, and I try to post a couple of things every week. Your thoughts, opinions, comments or recommendations for other things to read or buildings to visit aren't just welcome, they're actively solicited :) The best recommendations I've got for other authors, artists and works to study has been from people who've head me explain the project and made some connection with something I couldn't have foreseen.

Just click on the link above, and leave a comment wherever something springs to mind. THANK YOU for your input ;)

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Re: Architecture & Comics: a live online dissertation project

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