People in glass houses

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People in glass houses

Postby SGJ Public » Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:50 pm

Hi all, my first post and i have no connection whatsoever with any element of the architectural or construction industries so please excuse any possible ignorance of the field. however, i do know what i like. I am trying to self-build an extension/conservatory and an office-cum-greenhouse at the end of the garden and would like to use very heavy glass panels for the walls, mounted onto a galvanised steel structure, essentially a rectangle, with wooden floors and ceiling, a slightly pitched roof, all astride pressure-treated beams. Pretty much a moveable glass box. can anyone point me in the direction of sources for professional advice or instruction for such a project. i cannot abide these PVC tumours that pass for conservatories and i think my idea could translate into a structurally sound, attractive-looking and, most importantly, relatively cheap option. I am living in the rather moist south of Ireland and one of my proposed buildings, the greenhouse at the end of the garden would back up against a vegetation-covered wall. My idea is that this would provide a feature in itself although I am well-aware that it would also introduce a whole series of condensation/moisture issues as well. any thoughts? many thanks sgjp
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