Advice Needed (Urban Design)

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Advice Needed (Urban Design)

Postby Sparks » Wed Mar 14, 2007 12:36 am

I was wondering is there anyone out there that can help me!:confused:

I know that this is an architecture site and I don't mean to hi-jack it in any way, but I am hoping someone can help.

I am a mature student finishing year two of a four year property economics degree in Bolton Street DIT. My plan at the moment is proceed after and do the Msc in Spatial Planning for 2.5 years. I have a creative side to me that is not being satisfied and I think that becoming a planner and concentrating on Urban Design will feed my creative hunger.

I did play with the thought some time back in studying architecture, but due to the cost and time frame involved, I decided not to. I do like the idea of designing buildings/homes, but not to make a career of it!

What I want to know is, is my reasoning for focusing on Urban Design the correct one. Is there a creative element to Urban Design?

What i would like to do is to design/decide the layout of a development/town/village/urban centre. I want to decide the best place to put the new school/hospital/police station etc....... The layout, is that Urban Design???

Also, I currently work in sales (residential), as I still have 2 years left of the degree, I was planning on changing jobs this year to make myself more eligible for a place on the Msc course. There is a criteria that has to be met, which is at least a 2.2 degree or higher in a related degree (will hopefully I will get that!) and then 5 years post experience (may be a big problem). I will have 4 years sales experience which would have involved some planning/zoning experience and then hopefully the next two in a consultancy of some sort. Does anyone know if consultancies take on people like me............ ! Very little experience!

I was also thinking of doing the CAD 2D & CAD 3D courses during the summer months, would this be an advantage?

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Re: Advice Needed (Urban Design)

Postby ciai » Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:29 pm

why do not you try griffith college dublin?
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Re: Advice Needed (Urban Design)

Postby PaulyC » Thu Aug 30, 2007 5:36 pm

Hi Sparks, I am also considering a career in urban design, and from my knowledge there is definately a strong design element to the job. However a word of caution, I am also a student of the under grad planning course in DIT, which to the best of my knowledge is very similar to the post grad, and although there is a design element to the course it would not be sufficient for a career in urban design. I have been researching my options and Queens university seem to be offering a good post grad course in rural and urban design, it seems to be held in a very high regard, so maybe its' worth a look. Finally does anyone have any on opinions on the difference between urban designers coming from a planning background and urban designers coming from an architecture background.
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