Architect as developer?

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Architect as developer?

Postby matthewthomasle » Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:55 pm

I am writing my BArch dissertation titled;

architect as developer / developer as architect

Exploring an alternative to our developer-driven built environment.

I was wondering what ideas/ thoughts anyone had on the subject of why more architects are not developers?

1/ What was the main driving force behind you becoming an architect?

2/ Do you believe that the industry at the moment is largely a design and build driven environment?

3/ Could you see development as an option/ addition within this industry?

4/ Could it be a way for a practice to diversify and grow as a business?

5/ If we look at America, the AIA (their RIBA equivalent) has released a document actively encouraging architects to pursue the architect/ developer route, do you think we are a little behind the growing trend?

6/ What would the architect as developer role give/ take away from the architectural profession?

7/ Can architects do both roles?

8/ Could being the client, developer, designer therefore improve the overall process?

9/ Could the overall design of building improve because of the increased level of control held by the architect?

10/ Is this a way to recover the position of the architect as the master builder within the industry?

11/ Is it a way that we regain some control back within the industry?

12/ Could a combined role improve business and fees? Especially in times of recession?

13/ What is a developer?

14/ Do we need developers? Why/ why not?

15/ Please feel free to pose any questions yourself?

Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated and you can email me on
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