Criticism of new planning appeals in jersey

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Criticism of new planning appeals in jersey

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:17 am

Criticism of new planning appeals

New rules to allow third party planning appeals in Jersey have been condemned as "potentially disastrous" by the Association of Jersey Architects.

People will be able to challenge planning decisions if they live within 50m (164ft) of the area concerned.

The association says it could bring the whole planning process to a halt and has called for the law to be rescinded.

Planning Minister Freddie Cohen says only those directly affected will be allowed to appeal.

'Step too far'

Mike Waddington of the association said the new rules, which are due to be introduced next spring, were unnecessary red tape.

He said: "We see this affecting ordinary people who might want ordinary house extensions.

"If, arguably, they have the neighbour from hell, they could find themselves in a position where an extra bedroom could take get an extra year to get.

"We think it's a step too far."

Mr Cohen said the new appeals process would not have an adverse affect on applications for building or development work.

He said that only those directly affected would be allowed to appeal, and they also faced the risk of paying court costs if they lost.

He said: "The appeals are not without cost.

"If you make an appeal in the Royal Court, and you lose, you may well end up with costs awarded against you which potentially could be a significant sum, particularly if the claim is vexatious."
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