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frank lloyd wright

Postby gra_k » Wed Nov 16, 2005 2:16 pm

i need to get some information on frank lloyd wright as an organic architect, his principles of this and the international buildings that are heavily influenced by him

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Re: frank lloyd wright

Postby chucka » Wed Nov 30, 2005 9:54 pm

Here is a link on something going on in Pittsburgh PA.
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Re: frank lloyd wright

Postby aaron » Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:17 am

i think a lot of what put frank lloyd wright into the category of organic architect were his ornamentations of natural elements, along with the use of naturally finished materials which were repeated throughout the house inside and out to form connection with one another and further to the natural surroundings... i donºt know how familiar you are with his prairie style, but if you know the hills in southern wisconsin, it was his contention that the prairie style was an organic extention of the beautiful hills he grew up in...low rooflines and privatized entryways, a very soft communication with nature. frank will be remembered for being a trend setter in every sort, and landscapers as well as architects and engineers will claim him (or denounce him), but his organics lied in the close attention, in every aspect of the design, that he paid to natural systems. look at falling water, or the overhangs on his prairies, here he thought of the ideas of how natural cantilevers were formed by tree limbs, reaching for sun, or the roots reaching out to ground the tree-home. frank would have scoffed and did on a regular basis, of the use of gyp board covering the wood...of course he would have found a nice finish wood too...hope this helps a little, heºs a tough egg to place sometimes!
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