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I Need Help! Architect

Postby nando » Mon Nov 14, 2005 3:03 am

Hey I'm An American Student In My Last Year Of High School
I Am Planning To Become A Landscape Archtect Or Urban Planner
I Was Completely Sure That I Wanted To Do One Or The Other As A Major At College, But Then I Saw The Salaries.....
If Anyone Knows, Can You Inform On How The (basic) Pay Is, And If You Can Live Comfortably With This Salary

It Would Be Very Helpful, Thanks
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Re: I Need Help! Architect

Postby aaron » Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:26 am

nando i can only speak from the architecture standpoint, but i do have a minor in landscape arch...first of all, dont let salary run your life. i would advise, as i do all my students and colleagues, not to go career shopping based on salary if you want to enjoy it. architecture is not an easy place to make a lot of money, but my wife and i live as comfortably as we need to. the career is rewarding and many faceted, and i was at first scared off by the salaries, but then i tried engineering and i hated it. i didnºt want to be someone elseºs robot, and the freedome of movement was limited in that field. i graduated, worked in the field, taught at college, and recently moved to portugal to start a studio with my wife...know what? we make one sixth as much as we were making in the usa, but we are so much more fulfilled with making our own way...architecture is a good place to do this. you really need to ask yourself what you want because architecture is not an easy field, and its not for the faint of heart...many long nights, and unrewarding attempts until you figure out what you are doing. and even then, you will be paid according to your ambition. you are paid on experience, but you need confidence too. i graduated and most of my friends started in the low 30s...i made about twenty percent more than that at my first job. but it wasnºt enough to have the money, now we do architecture that we are proud of rather than worrying about salary and doing someone elseºs work so they can take the credit. so what do you want nando, a porche or some dignity? feel free to ask me any more questions, and check out our site...its almost done. http://www.goaproject.com
best of luck to you
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