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Hybrid system

Postby popo » Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:56 pm

I'm talking about hybrid system in architecture. Can somebody tell me what the heck hybrid in building is? I mean how it can be applied in architecture? I got this paper, studying about Low energy, cooling energy. How these hybrid systems have something to do with low energy or cooling energy? For the first step i have searched through internet. Most of it talking about Hybrid architecture but which explains mostly about computers or models, which I have no clue anything about these. What computers? What models? Okay I'm blank, cant think more. :confused: What I'm looking for is how to have low energy cooling technology with hybrid systems. And I need to know the examples of the systems. What's the most used hybrid systems applied in building to get low energy cooling? Okay I'm confused, no intention to make you confused also :D
Nyways, pls help me and THNKS! I really appreciate it.
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