10th International Architecture Exhibition... Venice, September-November 2006...

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10th International Architecture Exhibition... Venice, September-November 2006...

Postby Paul Clerkin » Tue Aug 09, 2005 10:20 pm

10th International Architecture Exhibition... Venice, September-November 2006...

Main features of the 10th International Architecture Exhibition

On August 4, 2005, the Board of Directors of the Venice Biennale, presided by Davide Croff, gathered at Palazzo Querini Dubois to select and approve the project for the 10th International Architecture Exhibition, along with the director and the curators who will be entrusted with its organization.

Just as for the three-year project 2005/2007 in the Art section, the Architecture Section of the Venice Biennale confirms its decision to take direct responsibility for the choice of themes in its own events, and to subsequently call in the greatest experts in the theme to articulate and interpret its future trends. As far as the International Architecture Exhibition is concerned, the Biennale believes that this event and this discipline offer the chance to confirm its mission not only to exhibit, but to develop proposals and directions to offer as tools for innovative practices with which to operate in the national and international territories and urban contexts.

The Biennale has decided to dedicate the theme of the 10th Exhibition to the meta-cities. The changes in the physical and social morphology of the city now allow us to delineate the features of a new civilian agglomeration: the meta-city, an agglomeration that extends beyond the traditional form and concept of the city, that has come to exceed traditional boundaries, defining new issues and needs concerning its governance, and undergoing profound transformations in the composition of its population, and in its working habits. The 10th International Architecture Exhibition will deal with these issues to formulate, at its conclusion, a programmatic document, offered to all those who bear responsibility for the planning and governance of urban and territorial systems.

The themes will develop within four distinct and complementary events:

- the International Exhibition, centered on the transformations of cities and territories on the planet, which will be directed by Richard Burdett (UK), professor of architecture and city planning at the London School of Economics, currently one of the major experts in the world on these issues.

- the Italian Pavilion (for the first time in its history the Biennale will inaugurate a Pavilion dedicated exclusively to the advancement of Italian contemporary architecture, in the complex of the Arsenale, at the Tese delle Vergini, on a surface of 1,000 square meters) that will host an exhibition focusing on the transformations of our territories and our cities, in the specific Italian perspective of the relationship between the contemporary and conservation, between the historic landscape and new scenarios.

The Exhibition in the Italian Pavilion is a joint initiative of the Venice Biennale and the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage and Affairs – DARC, who together within the next few weeks will nominate the director to whom this first national exhibition will be entrusted.

- A section that will describe the transformations that are taking place or being planned in the regions of Southern Italy, curated by Claudio D’Amato Guerrieri (Italy).

- A section centered on models of international urban and territorial transformations which (this case also represents a first in the history of the Biennale) will be located in a city in Southern Italy, and will be organized to coincide with the opening of the Venetian venues, representing a brand new section that is only geographically separate from the other three, curated by Rinio Bruttomesso (Italy)

The two sections that will feature the regions of Southern Italy, the first as the theme, the second as the venue, are part of the new edition of the “Sensi Contemporanei” project with which the Biennale, the Ministry of the Economy – Department for Development Policies, and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, last year inaugurated a program for the promotion and cultivation of contemporary art and architecture in the regions of Southern Italy.
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