Why do we love buildings???

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Why do we love buildings???

Postby lexington » Wed Jul 13, 2005 4:30 pm

:o Perhaps this is a little philosophical - but I think its an interesting topic worth exploring. Why do we love buildings? More specifically, why is it that architecture is both a passion and a lifestyle for many men and women?

It is remarkable the prominence to which we bestow the ideology of 'architecture'. From my own perspective, the 'look' of our buildings defines the physical environment to which we call home. More than simply places of work, or residence, or leisure - these structures define the way in which we see an area and in which light we would wish to see it. Buildings have a long-term impact on our environment - they may last 30 years, they may last a 100. But that's a fairly basic take on the situation.

What are the deeper aspects of our love of architecture? Why is it that when one person sees a building he/she is knocked back in awe, while another person can only find fault with it? And why is it so personal?

Is it our desire to create? To expand on the limits of our mere mortality and leave an everlasting statement about ourselves as a society, as an individual, as a culture, as a species???

Sure commercial venture may fund many of those projects which we would deem 'statement' buildings - but more and more, I believe, money-aside - the will of those responsible for the creation of these buildings seeks something more than mere return or mere provision. There is a seeking for something deeper.

I'm sure I've missed many dimensions here - so I'm hoping others may be able to enlighten the users of this forum there personal beliefs and the the beliefs they prescribe to others when it comes to answering the question - why do we love buildings???
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Re: Why do we love buildings???

Postby tungstentee » Wed Jul 13, 2005 7:38 pm

cos theyre there
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Re: Why do we love buildings???

Postby pier39 » Wed Jul 13, 2005 8:31 pm

herpes are there too but i dont love them...speaking of which, time for my ointment.

i think as was mentioned earlier buildings are projections of our inner creation. from an architects point of view i can say that seeing a design realised is a proud moment, well depending on the project. on those rare occassions where youre allowed let loose the realisation is like seeing your thoughts and ideas forming part of a city landscape. especially when thats your home city it can be a very privileged feeling to feel like youre contributing something to its shape and development. its also something to add to the cv too!!!
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