Conflict with adjoining owners....

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Conflict with adjoining owners....

Postby Piarie » Wed Oct 13, 2004 2:27 pm

"Conflict With Adjoining Owners....."
Hello everyone,
before you read this thread I think its only fair that I worn you that this is yet another cry for help concerning a thesis, unlike much of the others though, I have found a topic that I wish to pursue, and that topic is: Conflict that arises from Party/Boundry Walls with a sub title of minimising, reducing and/or eliminating this conflict. I recently worked in London for a year, in fulfillment of the 3rd year of my Batchelors degree in Construction Management. My position: Site Engineer. While relatively new to the construction Industry I thoroughly enjoyed my stint across the water. While there I became aware of the problems associated with building in an already built-up environment for example Party/boundry walls. After a positive meeting with my professor yesterday I'm pretty sure that there is a thesis to be done on this subject, I have'nt got any information yet really, I just don't know where to begin I know that I should probably include articles relating to common law, boundary wall surveyors, case studies of disputes etc.... I would be very grateful is someone could give me direction and advise as to what a good thesis on this subject should include. Thank you.
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Postby roskav » Wed Oct 13, 2004 3:49 pm

Try "Building and the law" david Keane ...published by the RIAI.... for starters.
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