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@ the Olympics 2012

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Sep 23, 2004 10:09 pm

Corus Undergraduate Architect Awards

If sport is the new religion then the key to celebrating it is in congregation. But what happens if you don’t have tickets to the main event? The modern answer to this has been to recreate the event elsewhere, Henman Hill at Wimbledon is a prime example of this phenomenon, a place where an alternative and more inclusive celebration takes place outside the restrictive confines of the official venue.

Imagine then the Olympic experience of diverse sports, a widely disseminated selection of sites – sometimes many miles apart and thousands of competitors and spectators needing to find out about, get to and watch the various competitions. Some of the events will be mutually exclusive – you couldn’t watch the athletics and yachting from the same venue for instance – unless that venue was a ‘third place’.

We want you to consider this ‘third place’, a place where participation is facilitated away from the main venue, where information and services can be procured and a public space created which will act as a central hub for the games – wherever they may be held.

Such a place would be large but flexible, able to accommodate different groups experiencing radically different sports at the same time. As we don’t know which of the five bid cities will be successful the building – if you feel a built form is appropriate – will have to exist in a culturally neutral or culturally adaptive form, able to fit an urban site in New York, Paris, London, Moscow or Madrid. It may exist as one structure, or a series of related structures, the programme is open in that respect. It is assumed that @ the Olympics would require significant telecommunications infrastructure.

As well as incorporating spaces for viewing, @ the Olympics should also contain the front and backof- house services which will be needed to support such an undertaking. Amongst other things these should at least contain catering, medical and law enforcement, sanitary arrangements, plant (electricity, water and environmental services), press services and, potentially, transport.

As usual the jury will be looking for an inventive and architecturally inspiring solution to the brief, with the primary material being steel in any of its forms (tube, section, sheet/cladding etc.)

Total prize money £5000

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