A Desert Research Center In Sinai....need Help

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A Desert Research Center In Sinai....need Help

Postby arc_mok » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:16 am

Hi all..I'm Mohammed Othman from Egypt..I'm an undergradute student seeking some help in my graduation project .
it's about a desert research center in sinai , and i need some refreashing themes or some brain storm ideas .
I strongly pretiate if you can inform me about any other graduation projects gallery sites to vist , and thanks for your help..
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Postby pepe » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:28 pm


i would always sart from first principles.
Rather than looking at work that someone else might have completed already.

that way the design is yours rather than something that you borrowed from someone else or used their project as inspiration for.

be true to yourself
find your own interests

here is where i would start


desert (1) dez' ert) from Latin desertus from deserere (De-, serere, to bind or join),
a. UNinhabited, wasste; untilled, barren, n. A waste, uninhabitated, uncultivated place, especially a waterless and treeless region; solitude dreariness

desert (2) from Latin desertare, (as previous)
v.t. To forsake, to abandon, to quit, to leave, to fail to help, to fail, to abandon the service (army) without leave

desert (3) from Latin deservive, to serve
n. What one deserves, either as a reward or punishment, merit or demerit, (unconditional) merit; state of deserving

from these, the first is the most relevant for your purposes, but there are plenty of ideas/themes within that from which to develop a project.

the others give you a broader understanding of the possible interpretations/misinterpretations of the word "desert" and whilst they may not be immediately relevant could certainly become part of a project.

as far as research centre goes.

is this a purely scientific facility, or looking into the cultures and art that occirs wthin deserts.

look at the nazca lines etc etc

need any more hints then email me through the profile section.

good luck!
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Postby coling » Sat Dec 06, 2003 12:28 am

commendable moral approach intellectually, although no one in their right mind would ever adopt it. A little precedent is always helpful and tends to help you find your own way in the end anyway. my advice is if you're going to rip something off make sure it's half decent. that way you can be sure of success.
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Postby coling » Sun Dec 07, 2003 12:11 pm

1. don't try to do everything at once - think of your design development as
a journey starting with nothing more than the basics of putting the
components of the programme in correct relation to one another.
2. Whilst you are doing this you should also be looking at LOADS of
precedent. I tend to spend my evenings / mealtimes etc just looking through
mags etc. Architecture has evolved principally through the reuse of good
ideas which are gradually adapted or altered each time.
3. As you begin to clarify the programmatic elements you will find that your
subconcious mind begins to overlay things you have seen from your research
and gradually your design will take shape.
4. Remember all beginnings are weak but keep developing your concept and you
will be amazed at the results.
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Postby norfield » Sun Oct 17, 2004 5:57 am

arc, this may be a bit late but, i would start with the spacific site, work out from there... trust your own gut instincts.

hope it all worked out

norman k.
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