favourite building in Portugal

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favourite building in Portugal

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Mar 06, 2003 11:16 am

Just interested in seeing what people's personal highlights of portuguese architecture is....
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Postby Rita Ochoa » Tue Mar 11, 2003 2:21 pm

Portugal is a country with a distinctive modern architectural culture which balances a vernacular inheritance with new international ideas and technologies. Personaly I can't choose a favourite building over here but I can give you some exemples that I do prefer to see / visit / live (in no particular order), even that tomorrow I might change my mind:

Pousada Flor da Rosa, Crato
A castle, a convent and a palace, built in different periods, were the origin of this ecclesiastical architectural work of outstanding harmony. Flor da Rosa Pousada manages to combine the genuine characteristics of the convent, highlighting them with an architectural project by Carrilho da Graça, which although modern, entirely respects its origins... It's not just the constructions, lights, materials, etc. but also the isolated location and all the medieval mystic enveiroment that make this building unique in my opinion.

(the pictures don't show the "morden" constructions)

Lux Night Club, Lisbon
Lux is a two-story warehouse of interconnected spaces, each featuring a radically different scene from the adjacent room. Situated a short walk from the Santa Apolónia railway station, on the banks of the Tagus, the club is decorated with deep sofas, moody lighting and unusual accessories, such as a huge chandelier composed entirely of steel wire and tampons. Closing hour: 7am :)
The project is an very creative and inteligent renovation of a warehouse from the 40's, altough it changes once in a while...
One of the owners is an actor called John Malkovich and people like Prince and REM have made of this club their personal choice for a night out.
Again, maybe a too personal choice, based on the Architecture, design, music, people (isn't Architecture all that?)

Vasco da Gama
My favourite Shopping Center is Vasco da Gama . Award-winning Expo 98 centerpiece, the Vasco da Gama shopping center in Lisbon (at Parque das Nações). "The main design feature of Vasco da Gama is a dramatic (35 m x 140 m) laminated glass roof, cooled by continuous running water from its ridge, and bordered by landscaped terraces." But we can also point out it's "human scale", quality of the materials (like the wood and carpets on the floor and the acrylilc at the toilets). It's also a place where you can shop or just enjoy the cafés terraces, overseeing the river Tagus.
"The natural light, the pavements decorated with stylised marine beings, the oceanic aroma that transports you to the sea and the sound of seagulls, everything in the Vasco da Gama Centre forces you to dive in the fantastic universe of senses. You will find 30 restaurants and over 1000 seats with the most famous fast food tenants and also a large offer of traditional portuguese restaurants. It has 7 floors, 3 of them are underground parking and the other 4 are commercial areas and 174 shops. In Beer Deck, where you also can find 3 of the most prestigious portuguese beer houses, you can experience extraordinary sensations on the wide terraces overlooking the Tagus River and be entertained with Jazz, Blues and Classic live music while you are having a meal."... they forgot to mention how horrible is to find a parking place nearby ;)
Architects: Jose Quintela and Promontorio Arquitectos
http://www.dupont.com/safetyglass/lgn/stories/0201_all.html (at the bottom of the page)

I'll add some other "favourite" buildings in a near future. That takes me some time since it's not worthfull to talk about something you have no idea what it is (I like to add some pics).
For some reason I can only say that my favourite building is NOT the Marco de Canavezes Church, unlike most people ;)
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Postby patriciagaspar » Tue Mar 11, 2003 5:55 pm

It is so hard to say what is my favorite building...

i like the College of Social Comunication by Carrilho da Graça (in Lisbon) and Economics College by Gonçalo Byrne (in Lisbon)

The "seas knowallege pavillion" by Carrilho da Graça

I like the river Tagus observation tower, in the Lisbon Port by Gonçalo Byrne, some of the residencial building in the expation part of Expo 98

but manly i like the work of some arquitects like

Carilho da Graça

Gonçalo Byrne

sorry the pages aren't the best and sometimes aren't in english but i tryed to show you what kind of work was i talking about
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Postby Rita Ochoa » Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:14 pm

What about you Paul ?
Ever been here? If not do you have some favourite "pictures" of portuguese Architecture ?
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