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Railway stations

Postby poc75 » Mon Jan 20, 2003 12:35 pm

I am currently doing a project on brighton railway station. Looking at it as a firt and last point of contact with a city. I am wondering if anyone would know of any literature on stations, movement, and language.
Also does anyone know who the architects are for the redevelopment of Heuston station?
Any thougths on the subject?
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Fri Jan 31, 2003 11:41 am

Heuston? I thought that was an inhouse job by CIE Architects.
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Postby DARA H » Thu Feb 06, 2003 1:36 am

I found a book recently by the publishers 'Taschen' by Philip Jodido called 'Santiago Calatrava (1998) i.e. all about Mr. Bridges himself (sorry if you don't know of him he's fairly famous as being a architect/ engineer of bridges that make 'statements'!).

The book includes some train stations that he has done in the past and one of them i think is very impressive. THey are : -
Liege Guillemins Rail station , Belgium 1997
Oriente station, Lisbon 1993-8
Bohl covered bus and tram stop, Switz. 1989-96
Stadelhofen rail station, Switz., 1983-90

& the very impressive Lyon-Satolas Airport Railway (TGV) Station, France 1989-94 which while i'm not useally a great fan of steel & concrete i think this one looks very impressive.

THere are others also but its hard to tell if they were built or not. Some of the stuff in the book discusses his sculptural & form of body drawings inspiring his works etc. etc.
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