Urban park "Li Comuni" of Catanzaro

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Urban park "Li Comuni" of Catanzaro

Postby Paul Clerkin » Mon Nov 04, 2002 12:14 pm

The Provincial Administration of Catanzaro as a suggestion of and in co-operation with the student Association MEM89 from the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria propose an international competition of ideas of project opened to the partecipations of students and graduates about topic: "Requalification and valorization of urban park "Li Comuni" of Catanzaro (Calabria).

Aim and topic of the competition
The topic of the competition concernes the requalification and valorization of the park in object with the aim of strengthen the place's identity as a principal centre of aggregation for the urban districts that goes around and as engine for development of the economy of Catanzaro

Informative booklet
For competitors is available a free informative booklet, which can be downloaded from: http://www.provincia.catanzaro.it and http://www.mem89.it

Conditions of participation to the competition
The participation to the competition is opened at all students and all the people who has got a degree in architecture, agriculture, engineering not more than 2 years. Participation can be individual or in groups

Result and prize of the competition
1° prize: 2000 € + publication on two sectorial review
2° prize 1500 € + publication on two sectorial review
3° prize 500 € + publication on two sectorial review
All the project shows, would be mentioned on an editorial volumes drawn up for the circunstance

Deadline of the competition
The delivery of the works must be fulfilled within 30th of November 2002 at 12.00 o'clock "Ufficio del Concorso Parco Urbano di Catanzaro" close to EN.FO.GEOM., Viale dei Normanni,42

Project's exhibition
The student's propositions will be published in an exhibition of the delivered projects.

The complete announcement of competition can be download from:
http://www.provincia.catanzaro.it and http://www.mem89.it
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