OISTAT International Theatre Architecture Competition 2003

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OISTAT International Theatre Architecture Competition 2003

Postby Paul Clerkin » Fri Oct 18, 2002 6:09 pm

The international organisation of scenographers, theatre architects and technicians (OISTAT) promotes the international exchange of knowledge and practise of scenography, theatre architecture and stage technology. OISTAT is an umbrella to 32 organisations in as many different member-countries. The competition is organised by oistat architecture commission.

Competition of ideas
The aim of this competition is to pose a rather simple design-problem for a performance building of around 400 seats to encourage a much more detailed exploration of the performance room itself and the way in which it responds to a particular set of needs which will be defined by the competitor. In this way, we hope to encourage innovative thinking based on a deeper understanding of the relationship between the performance itself and the theatre architecture, which facilitates it.

Open to professionals and students
The competition is open to architects and students at architectural institutes and, where possible, to teams including practitioners or students of scenography and stage technology and related fields.

This idea-competition uses an "open" site, a location selected by the competitor. The brief - included in the competition conditions - explains what contestants are required to design, while at the same time leaving many decisions tot the participants themselves.
The first prize is $ 5,000 (usa-dollars). The second prize is $ 1,500 (usa-dollars). There are seven additional prizes of $ 500 (usa-dollars) each along with honourable mentions. A catalogue illustrating at least 25 mentions will be published in june 2003. Each competitor will receive a catalogue. The international jury consists of five members.

Submissions by February 15 2003.
Full details: http://oistat.lundegaard.cz/
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