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Architecture, Urban Development and Sustainable Housing

Postby Paul Clerkin » Wed Aug 07, 2002 10:29 am

The International Union of Architects (UIA) - the UNESCO and the Federation of
Architects Associations of the Mexican Republic (FCARM) integrated by 70 Arquitects Associations, under the sponsorship of the Government of the State of Guanajuato, Mexico, have decided to carry out a World Competition "Architecture, Urban Development and Sustainable Housing."

In today's Global context in which countries develop, and in search of improvement in the quality of the populations life, the competition is organized, taking into consideration sustainable development. It will be very important to rescue, integrate and strengthen the cultural traditions of the locality, respecting the historical patrimony of its environment.


Two main objectives are aimed. One is to create a new and ingenious architectural design, appropriate to the project requirements in accordance to the local regulations with the concept of sustainability and bio-climatic design. In order to accomplish this, the climatic advantages and physical conditions of the locality should be taken into consideration. On the other hand, it is of vital importance to conceive the urban design, with the same conditions and criteria.

It is vital to clearly identify the stages proposed to carry out the progressive construction of each unit. From the technical perspective, it is recommended to explore a type of urbanization taking into consideration: sustainability and rationality in the use of energy, recycling, reusing of water resources and final disposal of waste.

From the social standpoint, new forms of social interaction and community coexistence should be proposed in order to strengthen the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the inhabitants that could be use as a model for future developments elsewhere in the country.

The results of this project will be highly appreciated by the community of Guanajuato and in Mexico in general, due to the fact that it will contribute new concepts of architectural and urban design, and will allow the development of technical and scientific avant-garde experiences which could also be used in future developments.


The objective is to create a different concept on architectural and urban design, that can relate more immediately to the needs of society and the local environment.
A Sustainable Housing Development is proposed under the following basis:
  • To suggest a housing design and its urban environment that allows an easier interaction among inhabitants, offering independence between the suggested housing developments and the urban design.
  • Each housing development must consist of 50 to 70 progressively built houses (2 to 5 stages) with in a final construction area of 90 to 120 m2 per unit and up to 3 levels high.
  • At least six different prototypes designs should be considered for multifamily progressive house construction. Open spaces and sustainable environments must be created to allow the social integration of the community.
  • The land is located in the Ex-hacienda de Santa Teresa in the surroundings of the municipality of Guanajuato in direction to Silao City.
The size of the land is 30 hectares. 60% should be considered to the construction of the houses and the remaining 40% to streets, avenues, facilities, public services, green areas and open spaces.


This competition is sponsored and backed by the Government of the State of Guanajuato under international norms approved by the UIA and the UNESCO.
The FCARM, National Member Section of the UIA, is the organization responsible for the operation of the competition, from the execution of the preliminary works, the creation of the bases, the launching of the competition, and its development to the conclusion of the assigned jury's decision and prizing.

Participant's Admission

This competition is open to all the architects world-wide who possess a degree or registered license before local authorities, or if it is the case, before the organizations of architects responsible for the professional practice in their localities and who are members of the different Sections of the UIA. Also, the participants should have authorization to practice as professionals in their countries. The competition is open for individuals and groups of professionals or students, appointing an architect responsible for registration and representation.


The Jury is international and is integrated by seven members as established by the UIA in the following manner:
  • Martin Drahovsky, Architect (Slovak Republic).UIA Representative.
  • Francisco González Reyes, Architect (Spain).
  • Manfred Hegger, Architect (Germany).
  • Kazuo Iwamura, Architect (Japan).
  • José Escalera Chegoyán, Architect (México) State of Guanajuato Representative
  • Enrique Aranda Flores, Architect (México) State of Guanajuato Representative
  • Sara Topelson de Grinberg, Architect (México) FCARM Representative
Deputy Members
  • Omar Mohammed Kamal Rabie, Architect (Egypt)
  • José María Gutiérrez Trujillo, Architect ( México)

The jury will evaluate the quality and the meeting of requirements of the project as well as the economic proposal.


1st. Prize: $30,000.00 U.S. DLLS.
2nd. Prize: $10,000.00 U.S. DLLS.
3rd. Prize: $ 5,000.00 U. S. DLLS.

Five Honorable Mentions of $1,000.00 U. S. DLLS. will be awarded.


Deadline for reception of registration August 15 2002
Dispatch of competition file August 15 2002
Deadline for submitting questions by competitors (e-mail) August 30 2002
Replies to questions September 10 2002
Deadline for submitting entries, In person or by post October 15 2002
Deadline for reception of mailed entries October 25 2002
Jury meeting November 6-7 2002

Documents to be Submitted
[*] Overall design of the concept (free scale)
[*] General Proposal for the Urban planning (scale 1:1000)
[*] Plans, sections and elevations of sustainable prototypes (scale 1:100)
[*] Photographs of scale model or color perspectives (between 4 and 6)
[*] Optional illustrations of sustainable construction details (free scale)
The above are to be presented on 2 A-0 (118.9cm x 84.1cm ) sheets of white paper and sent rolled, in a rigid tube.


The applications for registration should include the following information of the participant (s): Name and Last Names, Nationality, copy of professional identification or license to practice his/her profession, Association or National Section the applicant(s) belong(s) to (not compulsory), address, telephone number, fax and e -mail address. The delivery of the project will be anonymous as stipulated in the bases.

In order to receive the bases, a copy of the deposit slip of the bank where the registration fee of $150.00 U. S. DLLS was paid, must be sent by Fax or e-mail.

The deposit should be made to the name of the Federación Nacional de Colegios de Arquitectos de la República Mexicana as follows:

In Mexican territory: Account 8064069 Suc.0481 Banamex
For international deposit :
NUMBER OF ACCOUNT: 0481/ 8064069
ADDRESS: Leandro Valle Esq. Melchor Ocampo.
Col. Gualupita C.P 62270 Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The registration application and the copy of the deposit slip should be sent by fax (please confirm reception) or e-mail to:
Oficina de la FCARM:
Yucatán # 189 - 201
Col. Tizapán, San Angel
México, D. F. 01090 Delegación Alvaro Obregón
Telephone #. 0052 (55) 55 50 60 49
0052 (55) 56 16 87 41
Fax #. 0052 (55) 55 50 41 80

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