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my name is Kovacs Erika, I'm sociologist and I'm doing a Master Program in Urban Developpement at the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" of Bucharest. During this summer I'm training at L'INSA Lyon, France (L' Institute des Sciences Appliques) and my research theme is
"Demolitions and Reconstruction in the 'grandes ansambles' " ( it's a specific french expression: "grandes ansambles" and it's actually an urban island...) which means that for the begining I have to make a list with all the demolitions and
reconstructions that have been done (if posible:) )in the entire world. As long as I'm not an architect, I would realy need some help in founding this informations: articles, revues... I don't know if I was very specific, but I do realy need some help, so if there is someone who could help me, PLEASE...
Thank you very much
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