Sound familiar? Housing Blight

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Sound familiar? Housing Blight

Postby MG » Tue Jun 18, 2002 10:26 am

.... you are surrounded by the hard, tangible evidence of what has happended in Colorado during the last twenty years. Immense subdivisions with names lole Sagewood, Summerfield, and Fairfax Ridge blanket the land, thousands upon thousands of nearly identical houses - the architectural equivalent of fast food - covering the prairie without the slightest respect for its natural forms, built on hilltops and ridgetops, just begging for a lightning strike, ringed by gates and brick walls and puny, newly planted treees that bend in the wind. The houses seem not to have been constructed by hand but manufactured by some gigantic machine, cast in the same mold and somehow dropped here fully made.

Fast Food Nation
Eric Schlosser
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