call for entries ::: design competition

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call for entries ::: design competition

Postby amorphica » Wed Mar 06, 2002 1:37 am calls for entries for their May Cover Design ::: inspiration :::.

The rules are simple, the subject about any entry has to have something to do
with the word ::: inspiration ::: How do you see, feel, smell, hear or touch this word/state?
Please have an explanation parragraph attached to the entry about what it is that inspired
this design, and be as free as anything you have ever done.
There is no competition in this world that could be as free as this one. Even the
word amorphica can be edited or taken out if you have an honest desire (explained)
to do so.

All entries will be published/posted on along with links and information
about the artist/designer. The winning entry will be the cover (front) of
for the month of May 2002, and have a direct link to a working url of the artist/designer
as well as a page dedicated to the winner and his/her work. is visited by thousands of users on a dayly basis thus ensuring great world-wide
cyber exposure to the winners.

The entry must be submitted as a jpeg, gif, or dwf (flash) file to by
no later than Friday April 19, 2002. Of course, the file must be no greater than 65kb and be
web-ready. If you have problems understanding these concepts, please contact us at the same address.
There is no entry fee. There is no compromise of design. The winning entry post as designed.

for more info visit us at
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