International Competition for the creation of a new WIPO logo

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International Competition for the creation of a new WIPO logo

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Mar 29, 2001 2:16 pm

International Competition for the creation of a new WIPO logo

The competition will close on May 31, 2001

1. Organizer
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
34, Chemin des Colombettes
P.O. Box 18
CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland

with the logistical and technical support provided by the professional association

SGD Swiss Graphic Designers
Limmatstrasse 63
CH-8005 Zurich / Switzerland or

SGD Swiss Graphic Designers shall act in an advisory capacity, providing assistance and advice in the organization and conduct of the competition.

2. Form of the competition
Open design competition.

3. Conditions of participation
The competition is open to individual graphic designers from Member States of WIPO who are capable of proving their graphic design qualifications with a certificate, diploma or degree or other evidence of qualifications or professional experience, or membership of a national association of graphic designers.

The competition is closed to graphic designers and others who are members of the preselection group or the jury, members of their families, their professional partners and their employees.

4. Object of the competition
The creation of a logotype ("logo") to serve as the emblem of WIPO.

The new logo is intended to replace the one currently in use in all Member States.

The logo may be completed with one or more abbreviations in the following languages:

English: WIPO
French and Spanish: OMPI
Arabic, Chinese, Russian: see attached document
The positioning of the abbreviation, if used, is left to the graphic designer's discretion.

5. Judgment criteria
The new logo shall meet the following requirements:
a. It must present the basic visual element that will make for recognition of WIPO and its international character.
b. It must convey WIPO's dynamic character and its innovative and forward-looking attitude.
c. It must be distinctive in the quality and originality of its visual image and not offend any national, cultural or religious sensitivity.
d. It must possess technical and dynamic qualities and be easy to use and exploit (notably by adaptation to electronic media, to reproduction on small surfaces and to use in color, both in positive and in negative form).
e. Conceptual evaluation criteria:
relevance to the Organization
f. Form-related evaluation criteria:
legibility and possibility of immediate identification
ease of exploitation, transposition and adaptation

6. Number of designs, design and presentation data
Each participant is entitled to submit a maximum of two designs.

Designs shall be submitted in their final form, in other words as finished works (no sketches).

All designs, including digital printouts, shall be submitted pasted on an A4 sheet of 300gm2 weight and also in Macintosh and PC compatible electronic form (3.5" diskette) with the following features:

72 dpi (screen)
dimensions: 300 x 300 pixels
in color (RGB)

7. Competition prizes
The best designs selected by the jury from among the preselected designs shall be rewarded as follows:

first prize: 25,000 Swiss francs
second prize: 15,000 Swiss francs
third prize: 10,000 Swiss francs
A lump sum of 35,000 Swiss francs shall be added to the amount of the first prize to cover the assignment of copyright as set forth under 10 below.

The names of the competition prizewinners shall then be made public.

Payment of the prize money to the winners shall take place, in principle, within the 30 days following the official announcement of the competition results.

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