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UK job

Postby Mikko » Wed Aug 29, 2001 9:29 pm

Due to market recession in my former locations (Russia, east Europe, Finland etc) I´ve sought for new job locations. I have looked announcements in UK also...but with some confusion. Could you advise..or/and answer to the (and maybe sutpid) questions:
- it was published in our newspapers an article that tells how UK employers do not believe job seekers´ cv to be honest and true (only every third relies on them). So am I underestimated if I tell the truth of my skills and experience?
- how reliable are those agencies? Are they mainly used or just occassionally?
- for some projects of high status (high value and large) high level organisation ( project managers ao) are sought very late ( "urgent"). Is that true? Or just sought for "budget slaves" to accept more responsibility than what paid for.
- income promised vary a lot .. when actualy seen straight from company notices the salaries are much less?
- do you really need architects to UK. Your discussions sound sometimes so - I´m very sorry if I hurt somebody - island oriented?
I have a lot more questions because I have only worked with UK construction and engineering companies though met many within projects - I myself haved worked in UK but might to do so if...
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