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the curve, leicester - views

Postby Paul Clerkin » Tue Nov 04, 2008 4:31 pm

Gadget-box theatre: Rafael Viñoly's first British building.

It takes a certain level of nerve to announce that you are going to reinvent everyone's received notion of what a theatre is. And when it's your first building in Britain, there's a lot riding on it. But nobody ever accused architect Rafael Viñoly of lacking cojones. Thus we find an audacious new regional theatre in Leicester, The Curve, that is a great big transparent gadget-box. Does it work?

and a slightly different view

The Curve theatre in Leicester: A dramatic statement

The one thing first-time visitors to the Curve in Leicester will be able to agree on is that it's incredibly curvy, inside and out. It is continuously sinuous, unendingly suggestive. And vast. The great horizontal slats of metal running the length of its glass shell are neatly ordered, yet nothing feels rigidly geometric. Rising 24m from the heart of Leicester's new cultural quarter, the Curve makes the powerful, dramatic statement that here is a city that can think outside the box. What the new building doesn't shout, in any obvious way, is "theatre".
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