any advice on going from university to employment?

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any advice on going from university to employment?

Postby ARDoman » Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:55 am

hi there
i am currently finishing a BSc hons degree in architecture at apu in chelmsford and am looking for advice for the next step in my career

i have been told i am creative and would be suited to the idea of a conceptual architect. my cad skills are limited (a major factor which im planning to change) but i have no real exprience. i went straight into the degree in architecture after recieving my a-levels in art, law and maths. im currently adding to my portfolio but my problem is i am lacking a bit of technical skills. my technical skills are good but could be extremely improved and from advice, a work placement, or employment, would be an excellent way to increase these skills.

1. what should be in my portfolio that would excite employers or impress them to give someone in my predicment a chance?
2.does any one know of any good websites that are up to date with junior architect jobs in the uk? monster and other famous ones have so far given very poor results.
3.would it be better to for me to start another course, something in autocad or engineering to help my case?

any advice that could help my matter would be greatly appreciated.
thank you for your time

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