Computers in design, a crutch or a tool?Questionnaire.

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Computers in design, a crutch or a tool?Questionnaire.

Postby Robin Wardell » Thu Jan 13, 2005 9:56 pm



Do you use computers?

Mac or Pc?

What do you use them for, what programmes?

In the design process do you preference hand drafting or computer aided design?

If you were to create a computer programme for architecture/design what would it do?

Do you replace hand drawing/concept sketching by using Cad or the likes?

How do computers benefit your design process?

Do computers make your work quicker/easier to complete?

Are they cost effective?

If the power fails can you complete work?

Do you think computers are being used to heavily in the design process?

Do you think quality is being sacrificed by time through cad?

Do you think more abstract designs become a reality through cad?

Do you think Architectural designs are becoming more alike through the cut and paste nature that CAD has now taken to save time?

Do you think less qualified people will be able to use cad in the future and call themselves designers?

In your time as a designer/architect have you noticed a change in computers/design processes?

What do you think the future holds for computers in design?

Do you think CAD designs have affected builders/workers on the site in creating more pre-fabricated designs?

Any other comments?

Thank you for your time -Robin Wardell
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