English desire for bungalows

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English desire for bungalows

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Jun 27, 2002 4:25 pm

The most desired house-type in England is the bungalow, according to a MORI poll commissioned by CABE.

Pollsters showed 1,000 members of the public pictures and photographs of different types of homes and asked them where they would most like to live. The range of options included bungalows, traditional village houses, a 1930s semi-detached, a Victorian terrace, a loft apartment and a tower block.

The most popular options were the bungalow with 30 per cent and a village house with 29 per cent. The least popular was the tower block, in which nobody wanted to live, while the modern loft apartment received just two per cent of votes.

However, CABE’s chief executive Jon Rouse warned that the widespread construction of low-density detached houses on a significant scale would cause environmental mayhem.

He said: ‘People may want to live in bungalows but the reality is that this is simply not possible – there would be none of our green and pleasant land left. Even if we continue to build at our current prevailing densities, we would have to tear up an area the size of Exmoor within the next 20 years.’

The poll also asked respondents to list the factors they considered most important in the design of new houses. The most popular responses were security against crime, with 59 per cent, and that the homes should be built to last, with 56 per cent.
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Re: English desire for bungalows

Postby taizy8 » Sat Apr 29, 2006 10:40 pm

perhaps its just sensible forward planning ...ageing... zimmerframe...and bringing the shopping to the side door
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Re: English desire for bungalows

Postby dreamtc » Fri Oct 27, 2006 6:10 pm

Why must we term buildings in Ireland (or in the UK for that matter) as "victorian" or "georgian" etc.
These dudes not build the works in question. They just so happened to be the English regent at the time.
I've even heard people use the terms for buildings in Spain or Italy. Could someone explain that to me ?
I don't think I'm a rabid nationalist. I just like a bit of logic. Meanwhile I shall pursue the design of my Ahernian creations.
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