landscaping and human senses

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landscaping and human senses

Postby sheeva » Sun Oct 01, 2000 7:01 am

i need any kind of information about
the influance of ladscape on human mind
or body.or the use of watter,wind,soil,sun,
etc. in designing.
thanks a lot

Postby ood » Mon Oct 02, 2000 7:46 pm

Bill Mollison invented the theory of permaculture, which is designing gardens as ecosystems to be self-sustaining and organic, which is one approach to landscape design.

There is a series of four short films Mollison made which study permaculture in various climates. The most interesting for me was designing them for regenerating inner-city sites as community projects. The system also works for water purification/waste treatment projects.

I'm not sure where you can get the videos, but Mollison is Australian/Tasmanian.

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