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Anything you would like to see on the website? is looking for corporate support - ten sponsor

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:17 pm

Due to the death of advertising and loss of grant funding, it's proving harder and harder to keep online. Advertising income from the site doesn't come anywhere close to covering monthly hosting costs. And as I'm not selling subscriptions to a redundent paper magazine or services, we're reliant on advertising income to keep going.

Essentially the costs for Archiseek come out of my wages earned from my day job. As I'm not an architect or working in a related field, there's very little in the way of professional payback for me - I'm not promoting books, events etc. It truly is a labour of love. As the site is such a draw on my free time, it also reduced my capacity to take on extra work or projects.

To that end, I are looking for ten companies to donate 100euro each to support the site. In return:
- I will put each of the ten logos on our site, just above the dark grey footer - every page
- email newsletters will also feature the logo
- as will Archiseek's twitter and facebook pages.

Not having to worry about hosting costs will allow me to concentrate on news and features. Our hosting partner is, an Irish-based cloud hosting company (whose services I whole-heartedly recommend).

If you are interested in the hosting sponsorship, please contact Paul Clerkin at

If you'd like to purchase actual advertising slots, our press pack is online:
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