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Unconscious Dublin

Postby Gorman » Sat Oct 07, 2000 3:27 pm

What direction is dublin taking if any?
What is the spirit that guides us foreward for the next 50 years -will it be similar to the last 50 yrs -the political, economic and social dimension "Houses for people
not for profit" the banner says. How long more are we as Irish citizens going to let these anonomous developers decide on our quality of living spaces without question or accountability What can we do and where can we begin to contribute to the debate?

Postby B.Haussmann » Mon Oct 09, 2000 9:27 am

God only knows....we just seem to 'muddle through', directionless, aimless, 'making it up as we go along'. We have the money now but we seem to lack the urban minded brains.... There is a great need to place an emphasis on the teaching of civics and home economics in schools today. The days of outside toilets, keeping coal in the bath and a horse in the bedroom are long gone.....I hope.

Postby Alfie Byrne » Mon Oct 09, 2000 3:18 pm

We hope we find the right direction as Dublin sets the the precedent and standard for the rest of the country.The capital city should lead the way regarding urban values.I don't mean that as Jackeen arrogance, sure are'nt half or more of all those living in Dublin today from the rest of the four provinces.
Alfie Byrne

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