Palazzi Gombini

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Palazzi Gombini

Postby Luigi » Mon Jun 21, 1999 1:58 pm

How about a competition for the most ugly private dwelling in Ireland, famously described by Frank McDonald as Palazzi Gombini. There are planty of examples on the roads leading to every Irish town. My husband and I have great fun on our numerous drives throughout the country selecting the worst. Our current Palazzo di Palazzi is a house a few miles outside Kilkenny on the road north to Laois. I think it is near the village of Miltown and is a monstrosity beyond all taste or style.
PS My ambition some day is to publich a book detailing the worst exceses of this type of house building: if anyone else wants to try it, go right ahead, I'm sure it would be a bestseller!

Postby kaytay » Tue Aug 10, 1999 6:52 pm

a picture would have been great.

i think as architects and designers, one of the best ways to develope a solid sense and confidence of "good taste" is to be able to see what does not work. or better -- what is ugly!!!!!!!

although unsuccessful, i would want to applaud the person who gets away from norms and stereotypes. i only wish they would have taken a little more time driving around to develope some taste before they were in the possition to actually make the ugly house a built element.

thanks, kaytay
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