a place for arch_technicians to air there digust at there course

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a place for arch_technicians to air there digust at there course

Postby arch_tech_student_bolton » Wed Dec 06, 2000 1:55 am

i am a first year technician and as i joined the bolton street school of architecture i expected to see state of the art equipment,honest intelligent lecturers and a caring staff but i found none of these.Our problems go unheard, our work goes for marking and comes back marked by a 2 year old. ive had enough of this and all of the 3 years of technology should write how they think of solon crean gaynor and horan here so that we can piss them off a bit

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Postby Paul Clerkin » Wed Dec 06, 2000 10:05 am

Have you heard of Libel?
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Postby Tom Crowley » Wed Dec 06, 2000 3:09 pm

Take it easy, you been in college for the grand total of 3 months now, do you have a comparison with which to judge the standard of your third level education.

This may not be the case for you, but surveys have shown that students most dissatisfied with their educational facilities, are usually those who are unwilling to work off their own bat and/or those who achieve systematic low grades.

The high achievers rarely have these gripes:
1) There is no time for anyhting but hard graft in order to achieve good grades.
2) Students with good grades know enough to get on with educating themselves.
3) If you get good grades, then obviously the system works for you.

If one is truely dedicated to becoming the best at their profession, then the standard of the college they attend is not a big issue. When you go to college, your greatest educator is yourself, realise this and things will change.

Often complaint and conflict are a symptom of personal dissatisfaction reflected onto the external world, a means of dealing with a personal issue without having to explain to or question oneself.

This, however, is all hypothetical and therefore may not be the case.
Tom Crowley
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Postby MG » Wed Dec 06, 2000 3:17 pm

There's something rich about a student who cannot spell complaining about standards.

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Postby McC » Thu Dec 07, 2000 11:16 am

May I air my disgust at your grammer?
Please discover the difference between "their", "there" & "they're". Poor thing!
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Postby GregF » Thu Dec 07, 2000 4:34 pm

We've had all this before ....even I gave my tupenny bit's worth about the irate angry student complaining about standards when indeed they themself have difficulty in expressing their viewpoints,which on several occasions have been reduced to nothing more than foulmouthed diatribes.

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Postby Tom Crowley » Fri Dec 08, 2000 12:13 pm

I think this is the excert of bad grammer you were all refering to:

im a first year technician at bolton street and the likes of solon and crean ha wanna get there act together and people like gaynor should stop lying about lost money and get us desks that wherent to be dumped 3 months ago

May no more be said
Tom Crowley
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Postby JL » Sat Dec 09, 2000 8:50 pm

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Postby McC » Mon Dec 11, 2000 2:18 pm

Thanks, JL - I feel suitably chastened (darn typos!).
Perhaps the debate about the standard of education should focus on how "SpellCheck" and calculators threaten the future of "The Three R's".
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Postby fergus » Sat Dec 30, 2000 4:43 pm

this is a forum which is about discussion and communication of ideas not grammer .

As for the standard of education which is the topic here I find the idea that only weak students complain about the education they are getting because the best students don't need to the wrong attitude .Would it not be more accurate to say that students concerned with the standard of thier education are the ones who are enthuastic about the subject they are studdying and therefore concerned that the education they are recieveing is substandard.as for the idea that one shouldn't complain and just get on with educating one-self is also ludicrous not to say that one should not be doing that in conjunction with the education that one is rcieveing but this is the issue here the education being recieved.which I have to admit I have no knollege of as I am studying architecture(I felt the need to reply because I found tom crowleys views to be in total conflict with my own + I'm more interested in reading discussion in architectural issues than granmmatical!) except that I know that bolton st. 3rd year technollogy used to have the best computer facilities in the country and we all know how technollogy advances! and now doesn't. saying that there is a lack of facilities across the dept.at the same time bolton st. is the only school in Ireland to have a technollogy dept+an architecture dept.this might be the key to making a better school-exploition of this .
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