is that true?

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is that true?

Postby PetrKneissl » Wed Oct 18, 2000 9:24 pm

I heard many about very good time for architecture in Irland now.
I have studied architecture in Prague(very good place for study of architecture )for 5 years but I need another expiriences from abroad.
I look for a partner from faculty of architecture in Irland who would like to study in Prague for min 4 months.(in english possib.)
There is a possible change with help of good Erasmus program.(contact till 1.11. for this year).
You can also contact me for architecture chating and
I´m interesting at your economic booming too.
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Postby Macker » Fri Oct 20, 2000 10:42 am

Yes, our economic booming is so great we're getting deaf!!!

Sorry, Petr, I'm suffering from what we call "That Friday Feeling". You are so lucky to be studying architecture in Prague, it's a very beautiful city (almost too beautiful if that were possible). Best of luck.

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