First year engineering question ( thinking of becoming an architect )

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First year engineering question ( thinking of becoming an architect )

Postby Oscarhou » Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:39 pm

I am currently enrolled in the University of British Columbia in Canada in the faculty of Engineering.Lately I've been considering a possible career in architect. I am interested in the design aspect of architecture but I also enjoy the technical aspect of a building, calculating forces and seeing if the structure will hold (Civil engineering). Is there anyway that one can get the best of both worlds? I'm probably dream though, although I guess that would be achievable if I were to get a degree in both fields..but that would take..quite a while.. As well, another problem arises is that I've not had much formal training in drawing and design, which would be troublesome when creating my portfolio, would it be preferable to take a design class outside of school to start on the portfolio or is it a bit too late to pursue a career as an architect at this point?

The program in UBC to become an architect is that one must first acquire a Bachelors in Environmental Design which starts in the 3rd year ( The first two years can be any faculty ). Then after the Bachelors is acquired one can try for the Masters in Architecture. Not sure if this is a good place to study architecture though.

By now I'm just ranting, but I'm hoping someone can maybe shed some light on the differences between an Architect and a Civil engineer, and that if someone like me, who has no had much training in Art ( like 1 or 2 classes high school ) can pursue such a career. Thanks in advance :)
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