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Postby martinm » Mon Mar 27, 2006 2:33 pm

Hello all,

I was looking for any advice on what would be my options .:confused:

I am hopefully going to start study in september 2006 as an architectural technician.i have completed a basic cad course in 2005 just to get me started.i am just about finished a basic architectural drawing class too.we had to do a set of drawings for a dormer bungalow which was good.

i have worked in a structural steel company where i done the cutting lists for the drawings for the fabricators and managed materials and machinery for site.i enjoyed it but i really wanted to do something more technical.

i have also spent 3 years on site doing roofing ,slating ,plastering etc.

i have also looked at the option of doing a 1 year plc in cad or construction technology ?
just in case i dont get a college place.i am applying as a mature student so i have time against me.

i think the plc would be good to test the water and readjust to study .what do you think ?

Would the one year course be enough to gain employment in the construction industry ?

I would prefer to do a 2 year higher certificate but do you think i should continue and do the 3 year degree ?


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