Erasmus in Europe? wheres good to go?

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Erasmus in Europe? wheres good to go?

Postby hico » Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:59 pm

Im currently working in Canada but supposed to return to study in ireland this looking into the possibility of doing erasmus and unable to get much information from my school... my only second language is french... does anyone know where is good to go/ schools that teach some amount through english/french or how much of a hindrance is it not speaking the language? anyone who has gone on such a programme how were your experiences? did you find it ok settling back into final year after a year away?
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Re: Erasmus in Europe? wheres good to go?

Postby lorkel » Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:35 pm

Check out if you haven't done so already - you should find some helpful information there, as there are normally students in different European countries discussing Erasmus opportunities in the various forums!

Although, I have no personal experience of the Erasmus programme, one of my college friends & I did discuss the programme with the Head of our school, as a friend of ours studying in ETSAB wants to come to our school. The Head basically told us that in order for a student to go on Erasmus to a particular school of Architecture, a bi-lateral agreement must be in place between the two schools. So perhaps you could check with your Erasmus co-ordinator to find out what schools of Architecture your school is already in agreement with, as it might help you decide & if you don't think they are suitable for you, then you could look into getting a bi-lateral agreement put in place (the Head advised us that the Erasmus co-ordinator in one school has to send a written request to the other school for a bi-lateral agreement to be put in place)

We also discussed the advantages of Erasmus with him & he advised us that it is an excellent opportunity for students. He recommends that students go on Erasmus in 4th year and it is normally up to the students own school to decide whether or not to send a student on Erasmus, depending on how a student is progressing in their studies. He advised that it is normally easier for a student to go on Erasmus to a school where they can speak the local language as studies are usually conducted in the local language and therefore, there is a lesser risk of the student falling behind!

You are probably aware of most of this already and I apologise if that is the case - if not, I hope some of it has been helpful! :)
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Postby Fiki » Mon Aug 07, 2006 9:29 am

It is really??
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Re: Erasmus in Europe? wheres good to go?

Postby vinod_cca » Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:46 pm

I have experience of internship in germany.You can find good universities in germany where you can find courses with your erasmus in english/french/german respectively...Weimar,Tu berlin,Dessau anhalt,Potsdam ,,,these universties have flexible curriculum...Have a nice time in Europe..
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Re: Erasmus in Europe? wheres good to go?

Postby jamesinbelfast » Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:02 pm

You should contact your Erasmus office or departmental co-ordinator at your home university. You're not necessarily limited by the existing agreements between your university and those in Europe, but it can be a hassle establishing a new link just because you fancy going there.

I would get in touch with as many students and ex-students from your school who've been away. Their experiences will be vital, perhaps more so than students from other universities who've been to your chosen European university, because they will be able to tell you more accurately how it compares with your particular school.

If you find out that you have a connection with the Strasbourg école d'architecture in France, drop me a PM or email, I'm there right now for one semester.

Good luck,

*j* (ex Belfast, ex Montréal, ex Sheffield...)
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