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Postby eamoss » Fri Nov 04, 2005 2:04 pm

I am very unsure what to do about what I want to do after I leave school, I have been telling myself and other people that I am going to go into computer programming which is a good job, will have good pay and I have always been interested in computers, I have build websites at the age of 12 and got 6k hits a day on it but im not sure if I want to be in an office my hole life I would like to be outside more this is why im thinking of going into Architecture(I know your in an office too but not as long) because I love construction I just love looking at building site looking at plans ect but im not sure if I would be able make up plans for houses or im not sure if I would be able to get the points for it.

Which do you think I should go into?
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Re: Decisions?

Postby experiMental » Sun May 21, 2006 2:09 pm

I know this thread is inactive, but it's worth resurrecting ;)

A career that combines architecture and computer programming is computer game design/development. Computer game design is just like creating your own environment. In that case, there's absolutely very little or no limit to what you can create, because you are not restricted by building regulations and planning laws ( probably media law applies to computer game design... but it can be dodged :P). I know some people who have graduated from architecture and went into game development and were very pleased with their work.

This is just a suggestion to everyone who can't decide whether to go for computing or architecture.
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