Media Centre as a Landmark for City

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Media Centre as a Landmark for City

Postby ardes » Sat Jan 03, 2004 1:53 am


Happy New Year every one.

I am thinking of doing a Media Centre for my thesis. I am looking at this project as a landmark/monument for city. because it has great influence on countries representing in form of communication, knowledge, efficiency, boldness, it represents culture, has to deal with different medias. Its presence in urban context should be bold, and answerable to this new techno-world..

I would like to know about some media centres, and how much one can explore it keeping in mind of my topic" Expressive form and structure in Architecture" and being a flexible, and transformable. it would be nice if u suggest me some case studies. or articles.

I have some questions, I need to now how should i go about? how much it has impact on urban fabric and its surrounding architecture? how one look up site context? what are the dos and donts? some thing which are most related and important for building Media Centre.

Thanking you.

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