A Couple of questions??

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A Couple of questions??

Postby Piarie » Tue Oct 14, 2003 10:36 am

Hello everybody/anybody??
I'm currently studying for a bachelors degree in construction, recently given a class project, I chose "The Rehabilitation of Building: Harmonising(I think that's an actual word?) with the existing urban fabric. It's a european project so I have to compare a 'regeneration' project in Ireland with one abroad. For the Irish part of it, I've chosen Temple bar, and that seems to be going quite well, however I'm finding it hard to find european examples of such projects, particularly as I would like to do something on a european equivalent of temple bar, discussing the social and enviromental advantages to it. So I'm wondering, hoping I mean, that someone here may Know of such a project, as any help will be much appreciated.
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