Few questions

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Few questions

Postby Odeni Zeko » Tue Jul 08, 2003 3:43 am

I was just wondering about architectural faculty in your country...how many years does it last...whic subject do you have...etc.
Thank you !

p.s. Pardon me on my bad English:
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Postby zukki » Tue Apr 20, 2004 7:10 am

:P i study in MIARCH ...that is a central architectural university in Russia (located in da Moscow city///Date of Foundation 1933)
there are lots of different faculties like Architect
Town planning, Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings, Architecture of Industrial Buildings, Architecture of Agricultural Complexes, Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration of Architectural Monuments, Interior Architecture.
General Training Department (1-2 years); Fundamental Training Department (3-4 years); Specialized Training Department (5-6 years).
Language of Training is Russian but there are also Courses taught in another languages Some courses in English and French.
i study for free...cause passed my entring exams on all best marks :P ...for others -> Preliminary courses coast 2.000 US$
B.Sc., M.Sc. - 3.000 US$ and
Postgraduate course - 4.000 – 5.000 US$

now bout Entrance examinations. They at the Institute take place from July 16 till August 5 each year on the following disciplines:
1. ARTISTIC DRAWING (or free-hand drawing).The first task is drawing of plaster-cast antique head; the total time is 6 hours within one day;The second task is drawing of a composition made of simple figures; the total time is 4 hours within one day.Both drawings are performed in pencil on the sheet of hard paper 30x40 cm. The main attention should be paid to revealing the structural nature of the model, its correct construction and proportions.
2. TECHNICAL DRAWING. On the given axonometric picture (drawing) of some space-volume composition (made of intersection of various geometric figures) it is necessary to draw in pencil and present in ink the main three projections: plan, elevation and side elevation. The total time for execution is 4 hours; paper sheet -30x40 cm.
3. RUSSIAN LITERATURE (composition) - 4 hours
4. MATHEMATICS (written) - 4 hours.
The enrolment to the Institute is conducted on the basis of competition. The students of the Preparatory Department are enrolled also on the result of such a competition. However, for them the results of final examinations at the Preparatory Department are taken into account as entrance examinations. For everyone willing the Institute conducts so call "simulation examinations" in the spring period of the year. Their results can be taken into account as entrance examination marks. The Institute organizes additional admittance of students (above those financed by the State budget) with partial compensation of the education expenditures by the student on the contract basis. The tuition fee for foreign students is 3.000 US$ per academic year.
The problems of enrolment to the Institute are under jurisdiction of the Enrolment Commission, which works all the year round.
The period of applications submission is from June 25 until July 25.
p.s. TECHNICAL DRAWING exam is becoming more and more difficult every year... you need from 1 to 2 years to prepair for that if ya start from "0"

well...seems like i wrote really much... take your time reading..
hehe...any other questions? :P LOL

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