Dublin 2 - Pedestrian Zone Extension Campaign

Dublin 2 - Pedestrian Zone Extension Campaign

Postby Morlan » Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:54 am

This campaign started back in 2011 and there doesn't seem to be any mention of it here on Archiseek (apart from my own posts).

There was a meeting in the Mansion House hosted by Lord Mayor Andrew Montague last Monday (2nd April 2012) regarding the proposal.

It is proposed that the folowing areas be closed to traffic on a trial basis for 6 months:

Upper Drury Street,
South William Street,
Dame Court,
Dame Lane,
St. Stephens Green (top of Grafton Street)


Green: Current pedestrian zones
Blue: To be closed to traffic
Pink: Car park access

Read the PDF

Facebook page

Perhaps the presentation isn't as professional as Dublin Civic Trust ;-), but I think it should be welcomed.

What do Archiseekers think? Better left to the professionals? Let's face it, DCC need all the help they can get.
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Re: Dublin 2 - Pedestrian Zone Extension Campaign

Postby urbanisto » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:03 am

Funnily enough I also caught up with this yesterday and Liked (how committing of me). The first and last I heard of this was your post on this thread Morlan viewtopic.php?f=49&t=5308&start=200

However I am happy to see it has gotten some legs and importantly gotten some mayoral backing. Its a worthwhile Idea. I would love to see the amount of cars in the area reduced and new uses encouraged..not just shop browsing and cafes. I think Dame Court for example has huge potential for reinvention. Maybe with a small park at its centre.

It fits in with what DCC are proposing (apparently...few outside the 'clique' seen it yet) for the Grafton Quarter - significant reinvention of the public realm between Kildare Street and S.G. Georges Street.

I welcome it Morlan!
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